Perfect Holiday - Furniture LED Light Ball

$70.00 $87.50

Decorative furniture ball lights make a fun and unique addition to your home, parties, and events. They can be displayed on ground or counter or even on water where they easily stay afloat.

Powerful, high quality LED bulbs ensure ambient illumination, enhancing your lighting experience. They consume less power (up to 70% less) than other light sources, making them a wonderful alternative to incandescent lights. They remain cool to touch, minimizing risks of overheating.

Easily customizable, remote control allows for 16 colors to be cycled through and up to 4 different light changing modes can be selected. This color changing light are encased by a silicone-like frosted plastic globe and sealed at bottom to protect and waterproof them.

They are powered by a USB plug, which supplies a steady stream of energy source and allows for continuous, dazzling luminosity. It is rechargeable and once fully charged, they last up to approximately 15 hours of continous light.

These are perfect for outdoors and indoor use. They are great as mood lighting and night lights for children, babies, teens, and even adults.  Powerful, high quality LED bulb with large frosted globe housing; Waterproof; Can float in water.

Powered by USB plug (included); Rechargeable; Remote operated with 1 CR2025 batteries (included); easy ON/OFF; Multicolor - 16 selectable colors; 4 different light changing modes per color - flash, strobe, fade or smooth

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