Christmas Tree Types: A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Artificial Tree

Artificial Christmas trees provide a cost effective solution to buying fresh. Easy to maintain and store, an artificial tree will last for years if you take care of it. Artificial Christmas trees now come in a wide variety of colors, needle types, heights, materials and widths. All of our trees include stands, either metal, plastic or a square base depending on the tree style and height. All Christmas tree stands are either collapsible or can be taken apart for easy storage. 

Pre-Lit VS Un-Lit Christmas Trees

Choosing whether or not your tree comes pre-lit depends upon if you prefer to keep the same look every holiday and how much effort you'd like to spend on decorating and setting up your tree. An un-lit Christmas tree gives the opportunity to easily change your light color which gives you more control over your final look. It's also preferable for people who simply their trees to not have lights or who have pets who may be prone to chew on cords. Choosing a pre-lit tree will make your set up much faster. These time saving trees can simply be connected, either via the connecting plugs in each section or our popular Instant Connect feature, and then plugged into the wall. This is a great option for someone who is happy with consistency in the look of the tree every year. While both pre-lit Christmas trees and un-lit Christmas trees offer benefits, we've found that pre-lit trees are by far the more popular option during the holidays.

Our Instant Connect feature makes set up even faster. Trees with this bonus feature only need to be assemble by inserting the poles into the bases (exactly as you would for any other artificial Christmas tree) and then plugged into the wall. You won't have to waste time or energy looking for those connecting plugs in between each section.

Choosing the Right Height

You can view our Tree Buying Guide for pictures of the most common tree heights relative the average human height. How should choose the height of your tree? Take into consideration these things; the height of your room, the space around your tree, your storage options and overall preference of aesthetics. If your room has a low ceiling you simply cannot buy a 9' tree. We recommend selecting a tree that is at minimum 12" less than the ceiling height in the room you plan to display it. This gives a little breathing room at the top so your tree doesn't look crowded. If you plan on adding a tree topper then choose a slightly shorter tree to make room. Most trees get wider as they get taller. If you want a tall tree you'll also need o make sure that you have enough space around your tree to fit it. You can choose a pencil variety which offers the height with a slimmer diameter but this affects the overall look of the tree as well. Think about your storage space. If you have tall ceilings but tiny closets then you may not have anywhere to safely store your Christmas tree when not in use. And the most important decision is of course the look of the tree in your space. We want our Christmas trees to bring joy to your holiday. If having a huge tree in a small space makes you happy then go for it. Maybe a tiny table top tree is the best choice even if you have the space for something larger. 

Christmas Tree Color Selection

While a classic green Christmas tree will always offer timeless beauty in any space you can now choose from a large variety of other color options. Bold red trees with tonal flocking have made a huge impact on holiday room decor. Not for the traditionalist, these stunning red flocked Christmas trees offer both texture and fully saturated color. Often seen with red lights for a fully monochromatic look that can be contrasted with gold ornaments. We offer a rainbow of colors in blue, pink, green, red, orange, black and purple while also offering an actual rainbow hued Christmas tree. The tinsel needles are light reflecting and the colors are swirled for a truly unique look. Traditional flocked trees are green with white "snow" but like our red flocked tree we also offer a pink version for a more colorful season. Fresh in this year for the holiday, our new trees include a green ombre tabletop tree both lit and unlit, a matte black and gold tinsel tiny tree that would do double duty for Halloween and more color options for our popular 2' trees. Tinsel trees give color with a metallic twist. Available in gold, silver and rose gold, these shimmering trees are the ultimate choice for holiday flair.

Differences in Needle Materials

Needle material and look varies as much as actual trees in nature. You'll find slim and long needles like an Atka or gently tapered like the Noble Fir. Some trees come with mixed material needles to give it a more natural appearance. They may also vary in length and width. Tinsel needles are popular for a non-traditional look. In metallic shades like rose gold and silver to bring a shimmering look to your room.

How to Store Your Christmas Tree

Taking a little time to properly disassemble your Christmas tree will make set up that much easier the following year. It will also help protect your tree from damage so you can ensure its longevity. After the holidays are over and you're finally ready to undecorate your home start by putting away the ornaments and decor from your tree. double check for things like fresh candy canes you may tucked into the branches. Remove the top portion of your tree. This will make it easier to un-fluff your branches, especially for a taller tree. Gently compress the branches one section at a time. Start closest to the pole and work your way out, squeezing enough to bring the branches back together. Once all sections have been compressed flip them up (most of our trees are hinged so this should not much effort). You can start the same process on the middle and bottom sections but leave them on the stand as your work your way around and remove them after they are compressed. We recommend getting a tree storage bag that will accommodate the size of tree that you have. These are found on many popular online retailers for reasonably low cost. You don't need to choose the most expensive storage bag. Just something that can stand up to dust and prevent damage. Place your un-fluffed tree sections into the storage bag with the largest on the bottom. If your tree sections are bulging too much to close the bag simply take a piece of string or left over garland and tie it around, tightening and further compressing your Christmas tree section. Once bagged your tree should be stored in an area that will stay dry to prevent mold and mildew from forming. Be sure not to place any heavy items on top of your tree storage bag as you don't want to crush or damage your Christmas tree. If you don't have a storage bag and would prefer to store your tree in it's shipping box we recommend doing that for only one season as our boxes are not meant for storage. Simply put your tree back in the box and use packing tape to close and secure the box.