2-Pack Solar Powered 100 LED Copper Wire Fairy Light 32'

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2-Pack 32ft 100LED Microdot Waterproof Copper Wire Fairy Lights for Outdoor - Warm White.
Powered by the sun, this luminescent fairy light has $0 operation cost. Fully waterproof and solar powered. 100 warm white LED fairy lights on copper wire can be wrapped around trees, branches, gates, fences or stair railings. Create a warm inviting glow while providing the safety of extra outdoor lighting at night in places you don't have electricity. Includes, 2 ground stake, 2 rechargeable solar powered battery, 2 x 32' of copper wire fairy lights in warm white.

Please note: Solar lights need a full 24 hours to charge. Once charged they will ONLY light up at night and will automatically turn off during the day.

  • 100% powered by the sun
  • Includes 2 x 32' of copper wire fairy lights
  • 100 LED lights in warm white
  • Includes ground stake
  • Item: 600213