30 LED Solar String Light Dove - Warm White

$6.95 $13.90

These lovely bird lights will bring light to your outdoor space. A wonderful decoration for any bird-lover to bring joy to your garden. While providing the security of outdoor lighting in locations without electricity, these lights offer a pleasant and inviting ambiance. Multiple lighting functions allow you to customize your lighting experience.

Choose from 8 different options to create a sparkling experience. Change light functions by clicking the mode button on your solar panel. Note: Brightness of light depends on general outdoor light ambience and quality of charge. Ex: Cloudy day will result in less charge time; dusk vs. complete darkness will result in varying brightness. Directions: Leave in full sun for 6-8 hours for 8-10 hours of power. Activate the on/off switch to enable your lights to automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn.