360-Degree Rotating Adjustable Christmas Stand for Up to 7.5ft Artificial Tree

$74.00 $148.00

A splendid way to show off the lovely Christmas tree that you lovingly worked so hard to decorate. As this rotating Christmas Tree stand slowly and steady spins 360 degrees, what better way than to have your Christmas tree viewed from all angles! The revolving tree stand is designed in a special way that eliminates tangled cords so you do not have to ever worry about untangling. It's ON/OFF switch makes it simple and easy to use and is powered by a standard US two-prong plug. You and your loved ones can simply sit back and enjoy your spinning Christmas tree.
• Up to 7.5ft Tree
• Rotates 360 degrees
• Unique design prevents cord from tangling
• ON/OFF switch
• 1 speed only
• 3 Settings
• Dimensions - 25"D x 9.5"H