Complete Kit 300 LED 32ft Strip Lights with Remote

$16.74 $34.00

Contains 2 strip lights each measuring 16.4'. Incudes an adapter, 44 key remote control (with batteries) and connector. Strips can be used together for a total length of 32.8'. Includes multiple light modes and over 20 colors which can changed with the included remote control. Strips can be trimmed to a custom length by cutting on any of the 3 dot lines on the strip. Each strip features a peel and stick self adhesive.

  • 44 key remote control
  • 2 strip lights with self adhesive
  • Can be trimmed every 3 LEDs to a custom length
  • Dimmable up to 8 levels
  • Indoor only
  • Complete kit includes: adapter, connector, 2 sets of strip lights and 44 key remote control with batteries