LED Strip Bar Light 1M - White

$20.00 $40.00

Cool and sleek, these bar light line the edging of your entertainment area, kitchen, bar, lounge with its ultra bright luminosity. High quality mini LED bulbs ensure ambient illumination, enhancing your lighting experience. They consume less power (up to 70% less) than other light sources, making them a wonderful alternative to incandescent lights. They do not overheat, minimizing risks of fires or burns. These bar lights are crafted with an aluminum base and semi-clear plastic cover. Can be used as mood lighting to set the tone of the room, underneath bar tables, lining the ceiling, porch, patio area, etc. 72 ultra bright, high quality LED bulbs in an aluminum base w/translucent plastic cover Powered by a 12V 5A AC adapter (not included) Low power consumption Dimensions – 39.5″L x 0.75″W x o.5″H