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DIY Fairy Light Wall Hangings for Christmas

DIY Fairy Light Wall Hangings for Christmas

Nothing enhances the magical feeling of Christmas like a million tiny sparkling lights. If you want to add an extra layer of holiday cheer into your space consider fairy string lights. They're versatile, compact and easy to use while creating a high impact look. Wrap around a tiny tabletop tree, fill a set of lanterns to set out by the fireplace or front door, add to a wreath or lay amongst your carefully wrapped gifts. There's plenty of ways to use these festive light strings to add charm to a bland space.

One of our favorite projects has been creating a simple yet elegant wall hanging. This is great for anyone regardless of your space (tiny apartment dwellers we're looking at you) and can fit on bare wall or front door. It's easy enough to do with the kids but fun enough to do on your own.

Let's get started. Here's what you'll need:

1 set of Copper Plug in Fairy Lights OR Silver Copper Battery Operated Fairy Lights
Sticks, branches or wooden dowels
Natural twine

Start by choosing either natural branches or sticks from outside or wooden dowels from your local hardware store if you don't have access to nature. You can create any shape you want and should consider the size and the shape of your branches for how they'll work best. Some easy shapes are a star or tree.

Tie the branches or dowels together to form your shape adding one at a time and securing with the natural colored twine. Wrap around both pieces several times and tie off in the back. Keep adding pieces until you have your desired shape. 

Add a loop to the top of your shape so you can easily hang on the wall.

Wrap the fair lights around the sticks or dowels starting at the top and working your way down. You can choose natural copper or silver copper depending on your preference and either a battery pack or plug.

Once wrapped in lights you can add tiny ornaments to complete the look and hang on your wall or door.

Fairy Light Christmas Tree - DIY wall art

For an easier version of this DIY project you can forgo the branches or dowels and use only the string lights to create a shape on your wall.

A Christmas tree on the wall won't take up any precious floor space but will still help to create a sparkling holiday feel. Add tiny bits of faux holly and berries, pinecones or Christmas cards.

To achieve the look without damaging your wall we recommend Command hooks. Attach one at a time starting at the bottom of your "tree" and work your way up, gently tapering the shape as you go. Attach the decorations by using the bendable wire to wrap around each piece to hold it in place. Add your own clips for photos, art or vintage Christmas cards. You can also buy our Christmas Card Clip Light kit which comes with glossy red clips and vibrant green lights.