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Perfect Lights



If you love the look of a freshly snow dusted pine after a winter storm the a snow flocked tree maybe what you need this holiday season. The snow flocked look varies by the amount of flocking on the tree and the shape of the base needles. You can bring in a lightly flocked tree like this one to be able to see the texture of the needles underneath giving a classic look with less mess (Yes, snow flocking can be messy. More on that later.) Lightly flocked trees are easier to decorate as well so if you plan on pairing it with your favorite glass ornaments you're going to appreciate the mostly exposed needles.

A heavy flocked tree is for the ultimate Christmas lover. The one who looks forward to the season before the first snow begins to fall and brings out the knit blankets and hot apple cider as soon as it does. While heavy snow flocking gives your tree a luxurious and full look (like it's just been brought in from a mountain top that's weathered a heavy winter storm) it's not a great choice for the neat freak. There will be a lot of tidying involved. Check out our favorite chunky flock tree here.

Let's discuss the pros and cons of the gorgeous snow flocked tree. To start, let's state the obvious; the look of snow flocking on a tree brings it to the next level and allows you to create a very high end look that says holiday cheer without screaming it in your face. It's perfect for someone with a minimalist style or who prefers not to add ornaments. Small apartment dwellers who lack the storage space for Christmas knickknacks and tree decor will love the ease or the snow flocked tree. So why wouldn't someone want one of these spectacular holiday centerpieces? Pet owners who have curious cats, dogs, ferrets etc may find that the shedding of the flocking is too tempting for their fur beast to resist. While snow flocking is non toxic it should not be consumed and could cause blockage. So unless you have a well behaved animal that never feels the need to eat random pieces of who knows what off the floor, a snow flocked tree may not be the best choice for you. They also may not appeal to anyone averse to sweeping and vacuuming. Initial set up of your snow flocked Christmas tree will cause the most shedding of the flocking. Once set up and decorated plan on not touching your tree. If you decide it looks better by the window instead of the fireplace get ready for additional shedding. Putting away your tree will also create a mini snow storm on your floor. The shedding is normal and you tree won't end up bald. It will keep it's luscious flocked look for years to come. If you think you need a snow flocked tree in your life this holiday season why not browse our collection here.